UV lamp therapy: effective solution for psoriasis treatment.

Discover the transformative power of UV lamp therapy with our advanced devices, specifically designed for efficient and safe psoriasis treatment. Our state-of-the-art technology also effectively addresses eczema, vitiligo, and other skin disorders. Experience the fusion of innovative solutions and natural healing, leading to visible results and improved well-being.

UV Lamp Therapy Wand – 311nm UVB Light for Effective Psoriasis Treatment and Vitiligo Relief

Conditions effectively treated with UV lamp therapy.

UV Lamp Therapy: A proven, non-invasive treatment for psoriasis and other skin conditions like eczema and vitiligo. Harnessing specific light wavelengths, it offers natural healing and symptom relief.

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About UV lamp therapy.


Phillips bulbs.

Philips 311nm UVB bulbs are pivotal in UV Lamp Therapy, especially for psoriasis treatment. These bulbs emit a precise wavelength, ideal for treating skin conditions like eczema and vitiligo. Depend on Philips for a balance of safety and effectiveness in UV therapy.

Safe & non-addictive.

Safety is paramount in our UV Lamp Therapy. Philips 311nm UVB bulbs offer a safe, non-addictive option for psoriasis treatment. They provide effective therapy while reducing dependency risks, making them a safer choice for skin health management.


Our UV Lamp Therapy devices are CE-certified, upholding health and safety standards. The 311nm wavelength precisely treats psoriasis and eczema, offering high-standard care. Choose our certified UVB wand for safe, effective psoriasis and other skin condition treatment.

UV lamp therapy. It makes sense.

The science of phototherapy.


Psoriasis: UV lamp therapy shows effectiveness in about 70% of cases, with notable improvement typically observed after 8-10 weeks of treatment. Vitiligo: Stimulates melanocytes for re-pigmentation in 50-75% of cases. Eczema: Significantly reduces symptoms and improves quality of life.

How it works.

UV lamp therapy exposes skin to narrowband UVB light, around 311 nm, slowing skin cell growth and reducing inflammation, beneficial for conditions like plaque psoriasis.


Targeted Treatment: UVB therapy, with 311 nm light, precisely targets affected areas, effectively reducing symptoms in conditions like guttate psoriasis. Beyond Symptom Relief: Promotes DNA repair and immune response. A Spectrum of Benefits: Proven efficacy in diverse skin conditions.


Offers a superior alternative for psoriasis, including scalp and plaque types, especially when traditional treatments are ineffective. Unlike systemic treatments, it doesn't have systemic side effects and can be safely combined with other therapies.

Convenience & savings.

Save time.

Treating skin conditions like scalp psoriasis often involves hidden costs, not just in monetary terms but also in time and travel to clinics. UV lamp therapy, particularly effective for scalp and plaque psoriasis, changes this narrative by bringing professional care into your home. Our UVB wands eliminate the need for frequent clinical visits, offering not just convenience but also cost-effectiveness. Research indicates that patients transitioning to home phototherapy, especially those seeking scalp psoriasis treatment, significantly reduce their overall treatment costs by minimizing travel and time off work, making UV lamp therapy a time-efficient and quality care solution.

Long term savings.

Imagine a scenario where managing conditions like plaque psoriasis doesn't mean endless purchases of creams or costly prescription refills. Our UVB therapy devices offer a new reality. While topical treatments for guttate psoriasis and other forms require continuous spending, a one-time investment in a UVB wand brings years of therapy to your fingertips. Studies show that patients using home-based UVB therapy, a potent form of psoriasis light treatment, save significantly over time compared to those relying on ongoing topical or systemic treatments. Embrace this cost-effective solution – invest once in UV lamp therapy, benefit for years.

Proven and safe.

Controlled exposure.

Our home-based devices are specifically designed for psoriasis light treatment, delivering controlled doses of UVB. This method reduces the risk of burns or overexposure associated with scalp psoriasis treatment. Proper usage, guided by our detailed instructions, minimizes risks and maximizes benefits for conditions like plaque psoriasis.

Long term use.

Long-term studies have shown that NB-UVB therapy, especially for guttate psoriasis treatment, presents a relatively low risk of skin cancer compared to other UV treatments, attributed to the specific 311 nm wavelength, less damaging than broader spectrum UV rays.

Statistics and data.

Rapid relief.

Users often report noticeable improvements in symptoms like itching and redness within just a few weeks of starting UVB therapy, a preferred home remedy for psoriasis. A full course, spanning a few months, often leads to significant changes not just in skin appearance but also in overall quality of life.

Success rates.

Users often report noticeable improvements in symptoms like itching and redness within just a few weeks of starting UVB therapy, a preferred home remedy for psoriasis. A full course, spanning a few months, often leads to significant changes not just in skin appearance but also in overall quality of life.

Cost effectiveness.

Compared to the ongoing costs of topical treatments and prescription medications for plaque psoriasis, our UVB devices typically pay for themselves within a year. Over time, significant savings are realized.

Safety first.

With controlled exposure and targeted action, UVB lamp therapy carries a lower risk of side effects compared to traditional systemic treatments, making it a safe option for psoriasis treatment, backed by years of research and positive user experiences.

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Choosing UVB therapy means investing in a scientifically proven, cost-effective, and convenient solution for your skin health. This approach is especially beneficial for managing various forms of psoriasis. Join the thousands who have turned to UVB therapy and witnessed the transformation in their skin health.